Anonym asked:

I saw a post and thought you wouldn't open it if I sent a link. You can make a separate post about this. Manga Studio 5 is on sale on amazon! I don't know for how long. About 19 dollars

anatomicalart answered:

Thank you kindly anon!
I’ve just checked this out for myself. 

Manga Studio 5 is indeed on sale for an exceptional price on Amazon. [Link]
 In fact all of the Manga Studio products seem to be on sale until 
Tuesday Jul 8

See for yourselves.

Manga Studio 5: $49.99 $18.99

Manga Sudio EX 5: $200.00 $99.26

Manga Studio Debut 4: $49.99 $17.99

Manga Studio EX 4: $200.00 $64.89

Anime Studio Debut 9: $49.99 $9.99

Anime Studio Pro 9: $200.00 $56.99

Creative Essentials Bundle: $240.00 $57.99
(Drawpulse x6, MangaStudio 5, Anime Studio Debut 9)

If you don’t know want Manga Studio 5 is you can check out [this video] which is a tour of the product.
Manga Studio 5 is a product similar to Photoshop or Sai. It is compatible with both PC and Mac.
Here’s Sycra’s [Video Review] of the product.

Also Sketchbook Pro (Which is an excellent program for concept art) is on sale too for half price!.
SketchBook Pro 6: $50.00 $24.00

If you’re looking to buy a drawing program that is not Photoshop or Sai please consider checking out Amazon’s deals. It would seam they are doing a lot of drawing program sales at the moment. You can look up reviews for such programs on YouTube.
Happy hunting!

- Admin Bonzly